Capitel cotton wick

Wick with a flat appearance, braded with finer threads and with a core for proper inclination, made with finer 100% cotton threads with a chemical treatment for the reduction of soot and the reduction of the time it gives off smoke after being extinguished. This process makes the wick one of those which best volatilises any potential residue.

Capitel wicks for canopies, altars and decorative candles

Their use is usually for candles on canopies and altars. One of their more frequent uses is also for Block Candles also called Pillars, as they are manufactured with moulds, pressing or extrusion.

Another of their most frequent uses is for glass tumblers with or without colours and fragrances, Tealights and Maxi Tealights.

They have a flat appearance similar to the braided wick but manufactured differently. The manufacturing process gives the end product a large number of much finer threads which gives greater capillarity, which in turn allows us to achieve greater timing. This wick is manufactured with 100% cotton and is highly regarded for its use for canopy and altar candles.


Suggested finishes for candles

As an essential part of the finishing of candles for candle factories, Trenzados José Pla offers customised finishes at the client’s request. Below are the most common finishes, but don’t hesitate to consult us if you require a different finish for wicks.

The most commonly demanded finish is made up of:

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