Braided Cotton Wick

100% braided cotton wick with an adapted chemical formulation so that its inclination and burning are as clean as possible, depending on the paraffin that will be used in manufacturing your candles. These wicks are suitable for use in candles, candles for candelabras, power outages, or oven for procession candles.

As its name indicates, it is braded with different threads, and is flat. It is manufactured with 100% cotton with a specific chemical treatment for its proper inclination, in this way making burning as clean and perfect as possible. One of the benefits of the chemical treatment is the reduction of time in which smoke is given off after extinguishing the candle. This type of wick is normally used for candles, candles for power outages, procession candles and even for tealights and maxi tealights.

Cotton wicks for wholesale candles

These wicks can be configured in various formats upon request of the client. The most usual formats are:

  • In cones
  • In cylinders
  • Cut to measure
  • Attached based on the desired configuration

Thicknesses of threads

This wick man be manufactured to order with thinner threads, its burning being cleaner and more controlled. Indicate the thicknesses your candle factory requires and we will provide you with the optimal thread thicknesses for optimal burning of the product.

We have over 30 years of experience, and can recommend the product best adapted to the specifications of your production, so that you can reduce costs considerably and increase the end client’s satisfaction with the characteristics of the product in terms of quality of burning, durability in burning hours and capacity for spreading aromas and fragrances.

Don’t hesitate to consult Trenzados José Pla with any question or query with regard to your requirements.

Our wicks can be adapted for various systems of candles, producing a robust flame, and can help to reduce the accumulation of carbon during burning. These wicks provide greater rigidity in the pool of melted wax, preventing potential accidental spillage of wax.

The cotton fibres facilitate the release of the aromas contained in the waxes, providing greater and better spreading of fragrances.