Oblong cotton wick

The oblong cotton wick is a wick with a square appearance, due to a peculiar braid which makes it unique, with threads slightly thicker than the Capitel wick. It is made up of a set of two or three cores depending on the number of threads desired. It is manufactured with 100% cotton with its corresponding chemical process for its proper operation in all aspects.

Oblong wicks for processions

Oblong wicks are mainly used for processing candles and Easter candles. They have a rounded appearance, but with a smooth side, and unlike capitel wicks, each one of the threads is thicker, with different layout.

Its composition is made up of 100% cotton, and for its delivery we can generate reels with conical or cylindrical formats.

Depending on your order and your selection, we can apply an additional wax coating, attach metallic supports on each of the lower sections, or directly cut them to measure after waxing.

Additionally, if you wish, they can be delivered untreated, recommended for use for candles of different thicknesses, the waxy material being either paraffin, stearin or beeswax based. We also have an oblong wick for outdoors which can be attached in your candle, with perfect burning to reduce smoke.

Proven experience in the manufacture of oblong wicks

Over 30 years of experience speak for us. Don’t hesitate to consult us for prices and quotes; we can adapt to each of your requirements, both in oblong formats and other wicks that you require.

The most commonly demanded finish is made up of: