Rayon wick

This type of wick has a flat appearance, braided with 100% natural Rayon, made up of a set of two cores which vary depending on the number of threads desired, producing an unparalleled inclination. This type of wick does not require chemical treatment, thanks to Rayon being a material which volatilises very well, preventing soot. It has one of the cleanest, most durable flames.

It is our most versatile wick, with the most uses, such as Tealights and Maxi Tealights, all types of Large and Small Candles, Scented Candles, Wax Figures, and Long Duration Lamps.


Wicks are open-cell materials which use capillary action to transfer fluids. Their porous structures control the capacity of the volume waxy liquid and the rates of fluid transfer, being optimised for capillarity. Wick materials may also improve surface energy or Surface tension to affect wetting.

We have over 30 years of experience in the candle factory sector. Don’t hesitate to consult us with any query, and we will offer you advice and a customised quote if you require it.

The most commonly demanded finish is made up of:


These wicks are made from rayon. Their use is normally recommended for long or short duration candles, tealights, scented candles, blocks of wax, wax figures, short or long duration lamps, and cylindrical, rectangular or rounded oblong candles. They are very versatile.

The usual delivery is in reels which can of course be waxed. They are also delivered with a metallic support on the lower section, cut to the measurements you provide.

For automated machines, waxed rolls of varying weights can be delivered upon request.