SP Wick

SP wicks are widely used and are also valued for their good performance. With a greater number of threads and a greater thickness, the flame size and heat generated will be increased.

This is an important factor as it will generate a wax consumption rate per hour, providing us with a taper burn rate and estimated range of wax consumption.

The most commonly demanded finish is made up of:

With the core made from cotton and rayon, it produces a robust flame, reducing the accumulation of carbon in the burning cycle of the candle.

The SP wick may be used for scented candles or for decorative candles, and also provides greater rigidity in the pool of melted wax.

The manufacturing process gives the end product a large number of much finer threads, which gives us greater capillarity, which in turn allows us to achieve greater timing. This wick is manufactured with 100% cotton and rayon and is highly valued as a decorative candle.