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Braids for candle factories – Always committed to the best quality

A candle with a poor quality wick or faulty braid ends up leading to poor burning creating unwanted forms in tapers, black soot around the edge of the candle or the recipient that contains it, and in the worst case, breakage of the recipient that contains the candle. The selection of an unsuitable wick may also inhibit the process of spreading aromas from essences in the wax. This is why the quality of materials and production must be optimal so that the end client is satisfied.

We have worked with passion since we learned this traditional craft.

Where to purchase cotton and rayon tapers for candles

All our wicks are tested to achieve optimal burning and thereby obtain the satisfaction of the end client.

Combining good wax with the right wick prevents the flame from suffocating which causes burning to stop, although not all candles can be free of these effects, as some fragrances affect the way in which the wick burns.

With correct taper use, approximately 95% of candles will burn without this effect arising. For the other 5%, regardless of the size of the wick used or the percentage of fragrance used, there will be a small suffocation of the flame at some point during burning.

The final objective is to have clean burning without leaving wax residue in candle containers. The objective of a good braid is to fully consume the wax; that is, ultimately reaching the base. This is the sign of good work, durability and proper spreading of fragrances has been provided.

We ensure that the greatest safety is offered in burning our wicks

A candle that produces soot is as bad as the old paraffin candles which have all been practically relegated to the cupboards and cellars of old houses.

Providing a braid that gives security to all individuals in the chain is our greatest priority. We know that if the end client lights the candle and it spreads its fragrances, it will have an adequate duration, consume the wax well and avoid spillages and potential burns, satisfying them.

In this way, candle factories and individuals appreciate the product and are satisfied, and this ancient, traditional craft continues to provide pleasant times to all those who appreciate the world of candles.